Relaxing Massage in Oshawa: Good for Soon-to-be Moms and Their Babies

It’s a well-known fact that exercise benefits both moms-to-be and their unborn children, but some women are still apprehensive about it all because of the purported “health risks”. To set the record straight once and for all, prenatal lifestyle expert Amy Griffith presents eight safe and healthy fitness tips for expecting mothers. In her article for The Marietta Daily Journal, Griffith recommends prenatal massage for the following reasons:


Prenatal Fitness

"Massage stretches and loosens muscles that become tight as baby grows and the as the woman’s body changes. Massage will also benefit the pregnant woman as it relieves tension. A pregnant woman’s low back pain, headaches, sciatica, and swelling can all be eased by a trained massage therapist. When her body feels better, she is able to continue to keep herself healthy with regular exercise."

While prenatal massage can be done at home, couples may want to seek a professional instead, like Lorrie Wray RMT from the renowned Oshawa massage and rehabilitation center, Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation. A pregnant woman shouldn’t lie flat on her back because the weight of her uterus can put a lot of pressure on the veins in her legs. A trained message therapist knows this better than anyone, and he or she can be expected to employ a special, hollowed-out massage table specifically designed for pregnant women.

Prenatal massage relieves muscle tension and reduces stress, two things that benefit pregnant women the most. Other benefits of prenatal massage include balanced moods, better sleep, and fewer headaches. While stress spares no one, a pregnant woman needs to be especially wary of stress hormones that can affect her baby’s development. A study in Quebec, which was recently published in the medical journal Psychiatry Research, suggested that a woman who experiences severe stress during her first trimester is likely to have a child born with autism-like traits.

Massage is by no means the only thing that can help moms-to-be improve their health and that of their babies. Cardiovascular exercise, a wholesome diet, and a general avoidance of stressful activities can all prove beneficial. In any case, expectant mothers would do well to consult their doctors before they get a prenatal massage in Oshawa.

(Source: Study: Prenatal fitness benefit’s baby’s health, The Marietta Daily Journal, May 12, 2014)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley


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