Acupuncture in Oshawa Will Help Alleviate Insomnia Among Canadians

Many people experience bodily pain in the course of their daily lives; fortunately, there are different ways for them to alleviate those pains. In Canada, acupuncture in Oshawa and other cities is becoming more popular by the minute. An April 6, 2014 article at the Healthcare Medicine Institute website explains why:

"Acupuncture successfully relieves insomnia caused by depression. Researchers document two effective and contrasting approaches to acupuncture for the treatment of insomnia caused by depression. The research finds acupuncture points Lieque (LU1), Zhaohai (KI6) and UB15 (Xinshu) more effective than the Si Guan (i.e., Four Gates, Four Bars) combination for the treatment of depression related insomnia. Si Guan consists of bilaterally needled acupuncture points LI4 (Hegu) and LV3 (Quchi).

Both sets of points were combined with DU20 (Baihui) and Yintang in protocolized acupuncture point prescriptions. Although each prescription was effective, the data documents the LU1, KI6, UB15 combination a superior compliment to DU20 and Yintang for optimal patient outcomes. The researchers acknowledge that another study of a larger sample size is necessary to confirm these results."

The article adds that the two sets of points do not have any adverse effects on the patient, and can effectively decrease insomnia levels. These findings only add to the already-impressive benefits of acupuncture treatment.

One of the most prominent benefits of acupuncture is its ability to treat pain, particularly back pain. The method has proven itself to be as effective as prescriptive drugs in battling lower back pain. Furthermore, acupuncture has also helped improve the efficacy of anti-depression medicine.

Acupuncture is also used to treat a variety of medical conditions, ranging from gastritis and constipation to menstrual and reproductive issues. These benefits put acupuncture offered by trusted practices like Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation in the spotlight even further.

However, patients who have a specific fear of needles can opt for Oshawa orthotics. These implements can help alleviate pain on the patient’s feet, knees, and back. Orthotics can also help realign the spinal column of the user, which will assist with back pain.

Acupuncture and orthotics are just two of many ways for trained professionals to give their patients a more comfortable life.

(Source: Update: Acupuncture Reduces Depression and Insomnia, Healthcare Medicine Institute, April 6, 2014)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley


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