Undergoing Runners Knee Treatment with an Oshawa Massage Specialist

Long hours of running can take a massive toll on your body, especially on the knees. In an article for ChiroNexus.com, writer Kelly Johnson explains:

"Knee pain can be the result of a wide variety of underlying causes. One such cause of knee pain that is often overlooked as even a possibility is entrapment of the saphenous nerve. The saphenous nerve is the largest sensory nerve in the human body, branching from the femoral nerve up the leg into the adductor canal in the hip. Nerve entrapment can happen when the nerve pierces membranes inside the leg or when the nerve is sheered at some point. Some activities are known for stretching or rubbing the nerve, and the repeated friction can result in nerve entrapment."

The above can rankle fresh and seasoned runners alike in Oshawa, ON. The city’s rigid road layout is enough to generate an impressive network of running trails, with some not progressing further north beyond Taunton Road and Wilson Road N. When you feel the pain in your limbs after logging several kilometres worth of trails, an Oshawa massage practitioner like the professionals at Chiropractic Wellness and Rehabilitation will be ready to help you.

Fixing up a nerve entrapment for runners’ knees often requires invasive procedures like injections and surgery to ease the situation– and a doctor may recommend it at first. However, a reputable chiropractor can analyze the knee and figure out non-invasive solutions that might work. Johnson stated the case of an ultramarathon runner who was diagnosed with saphenous nerve entrapment after reporting sheer pain on the knees as well as hip problems, which required Active Release Technique (ART) sessions as part of a major treatment program.

ART involves concentrated massages of the affected sections to force the nerve’s release. Johnson said the marathon runner felt sheer pain after the first treatment, but it subsided with repeated sessions. For your own knee treatment, your chiropractic specialist may include additional treatment avenues such as acupuncture and a stringent exercise program designed to recondition the knees.

A badly affected knee may spell disaster for runners like you if not treated soon enough. That’s why you will need massage therapy in Oshawa to get yourself back on the circuit.

(Source: Marathon Runner’s Knee Healed by Chiropractor, ChiroNexus)

Written By and Dr. Patricia Riley


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